Student Writing

Elementary Poems


fall                                                            The morning cold and frozen
leaves                                                        frost ghost slithering away
falling on ground                                     work done

Tommy, age 8                                           William, age 10

Standing in line -                                        My fish slipped
lying down on a ride -                                gone flappidy
then flying away.                                        slithering away

Zac, age 11                                                William, age 10

The boy                                                     Ancient tree
The rose                                                     sound of saw
a cut                                                           someone yells timber

William, age 10                                          Jack, age 11

the cat creeps                                              There a hawk flew
up the Christmas tree                                 High above all heads
Bam! He doesn't do it again                       Stealing the sky

Joseph, age 9                                               Maria, age 12

Rainforests die                                             Acid rain because of
factories run                                                 none-too-clean humans on earth
children play                                                where will we go next?

Jack, age 11                                                  Sam, age 8

Monkeys scream
birds yell
fire comes

Jack, age 11

Teen Poems

The Circle of Life

A young tree,
a seedling,
growing nearby,
in a grove behind my house,
starving for the sun.

A storm comes,
a revolution,
and knocks down the king of the grove -
and half my neighbors' roof -
setting a path for the seedling to rule.

Time happens.
The seedling becomes a tree.
The giant falls,
and nourishes another.

              - Adam


     I look up and realize that I am somewhere
but nowhere.  Why should I be here is unknown
and if I should leave is also unknown.

     I am in a field, where not even
the sun nor the moon can shine their light
on me.  I find out that I have lost my

     A strong wind blows.  It feels like
shattered glass on my skin.  The air must be
thin, I thought because I could barely draw
a breath of fresh air.

     I lie down on grass that smells
like roses in a garden.  I close my eyes
for what seemed like days maybe even
years.  I open them and realize that
I was daydreaming.

              - Uzoma, age 10

Cute and Disgusting

As I open
the filthy cage
I hear flies
buzz around me
and the animals cluck
as they move around.
They seem
so cute at
the moment
and - POOP

They smell
worse than

      - Torin

Teen Haiku

Waves crash down
soft sand
toes sinking

      - Anonymous

Crisp air smells of rain
I crunch across the leaf carpet
and feel at home

     - Adam

Raining slowly
silent tears

When we got our
it was over quickly

     - Joseph