Homework, Session 2

Elementary Homework (both Monday and Thursday Classes)

Class 1 (11/27 and 11/30)
Homework: Work on Fiction Story
1. Work on your fiction story.
2.  We will have a couple more weeks of fiction.

Class 2 (12/4 and 12/7)
Homework:  Work on Fiction Story
1.  Work more on your fiction stories.  Some students are working on one long story, while others are writing a couple shorter ones.
2. Our fiction unit will end on Dec 18 and Dec 21.

Class 3  (12/11 and 12/14)
Homework: Complete and Copy your Fiction Story
Using your editing sheet, complete your story and recopy it.  Make sure you have a title, name and date on your paper.

Class 4 (12/18 and 12/21)
Homework:  Writing Prompt/Finish Fiction if you Haven't
Write a couple of paragraphs on the writing prompts. Also, finish copying your fiction story if you have not completed it.

Class 5 (1/9 and 1/11)
Homework: Character Traits
Fill in the following information:  My character  _______________ (a trait such as "learned a lot about himself" or "is admirable") because #1_____________, #2__________________ and #3_______________________________.

Class 6 (1/18)
Homework:  Boxes and Bullets Outline
1.  Fill in your boxes and bullets outline the best you can.
2.  Prompt: "One morning, everything is different."

Class 6 (1/22)
Homework: Work on Essay
1. Work on your essay.  Do one more paragraph after starting your introduction and first paragraph. 

Class 7 (1/25)
Homework: Work on Literary Essay
1.  Work on your essay.  Do another paragraph.  

Class 7 (1/29)
Homework: Work on Literary Essay
1.  Finish your essay.
2.  If you already finished in class then you may type or copy it.  

Class 8 (2/1) 
1.  Finish the essay at home.

Class 8 (2/5)
1.  Copy your literary essay if you have not done so.
2.  Write two free verse poems. 

Class 9 (2/8)
Homework:  Literary Essays
1.  Complete literary essays and recopy or type them.  

Class 9 (2/12)
Homework: Literary Essays/Poetry
1.  If you haven't, complete and re-copy your literary essay.
2.  Write two poems.  We discussed the idea of choosing an object or a thing to write a poem about.

Class 10 (2/15)
Homework: Poetry
1.  Write two poems. Use line breaks when you pause, and write about subjects that you have strong feelings about.

Class 11 (2/22)
Homework: Poetry
Write 2 poems.  One can be anything that is important to you, and the other one should have repetition in it.

Class 10 (2/26)
Homework: Poetry
Write 2 poems.  Try to include figurative language in one of them if you can.

Homework: Poetry
1.  Write two new poems (besides what you may have written in class.)  One will be about an object or a thing, and the other will tell a story.

Story poems are poems that tell a true story about something you did, or something that happened. Use line breaks, which we learned about in class today.  Here, I used a slanted line to show the line breaks so that I can save space.  You will not do that in your poems at home.

For example, this poem is written by Anna about her eating ice cream:   It is summer/I am eating ice cream/I take big bites/But it is still/Melting/it dribbles down/My hand/And I lick it

Here is another, called "A Sleepover": When we sat side by side/Having spaghetti/I wasn't lonely/When we tumbled around/Having a pillow fight/I wasn't lonely/Only 1 inch lonely

Homework: Poetry

Write a poem that uses multiple stanzas, and another that has at least one simile in it.  (uses like or as in it....) An example of a line in a poem that uses simile: "Lily's fish tank sparkles like a lake."  

Teen Homework 

Class  (Assigned 12/1)
Homework:  Work on your Fiction
Write 1 1/2 pages of your story.  Think about how your character will change at the end of the story.

Class (Assigned 12/8)
Homework:  Work on your story
Write another one and a half pages of your story, paying attention to setting.

Class (12/14)
Homework: Complete your Story
Type up your whole story and bring it to class next week.  Use your editing checklist to make sure you have everything.  It will approximately 2 or more pages in length.

Class (12/21)
Homework:  Writing Prompt/Type Fiction Story if you Haven't
Write a couple of paragraphs on the prompt that we discussed in class.  If you still need to type your final fiction story, do that over the break.

Class  (1/11)
Homework:  Thesis/Claim, Plus Summary
1. Write your thesis for the essay you will be starting next week.  The thesis will say something like this:  My character is _____________________ because ___________________, _____________________________, and _______________________.
2. Write a couple paragraphs telling what your story is about.  (A Summary)

Class (1/18)
Homework:  Work on Essay
Finish filling in your outline for your literary essay. Write the beginning part of your essay.

Class (1/25)
Homework:  Work on Essay
Work on literary essay.

Class (2/1)
Homework: Work on your Essay
Work on your literary essay.

Class (2/8)
Homework:  Complete Essay
Complete your whole essay, and type it.

Class (2/15)
Homework: Free Verse Poetry
Write 2 poems for homework.

Class (2/22)
Homework: Free Verse Poetry 
Make a list of 20 actions that you do this coming week. (Ex: ate a sweet orange, made brownies with my sister, let me cat fall asleep on me, etc.) Then, write a fairly long poem about one of those actions. 

Alternative Homework Assignments:

Homework:  Finish an Ode Poem and Choose a Topic
This week, finish the "Ode" poem you started in class.  Also, choose a topic for your persuasive essay that we'll begin next week.

Homework:  Whole Essay
For homework, please complete your literary essay.  This will be at least one typed page, probably more.

Homework:  Finish an Ode Poem and Choose a Topic
This week, finish the "Ode" poem you started in class.  Also, choose a topic for your persuasive essay that we'll begin next week.

Extra Homework Ideas:

Homework:  Developing an Idea for a Story
This week, create a t-chart for your character with the problem stated at the top.  Bring it to class.

Homework:  Write a Scene, Revealing Your Character
This week, you will write another scene.  You will be writing a scene that brings out a characteristic of your character.  Please see the handout for an example of this.