Homework, Session 2

Elementary Homework (both Monday and Thursday Classes)

Class 1 (11/28 and 12/1)
Homework: Work on Fiction Story
1. Write another 3/4 of your story minimum.
2.  Try to use diaglogue if you haven't already.
3.  Indent when there is a new person talking.  Also indent when the scene changes, or the time of day changes.   

Class 2 (12/5 and 12/8)
Homework:  Work on Fiction Story
1.  Work more on your fiction stories.  Some students are working on one long story, while others are writing a couple shorter ones.
2.  Pay attention to setting in your story.
3.  (Final fiction stories will be due Jan 2 and Jan 5.)

Class 3  (12/12 and 12/15)
Homework: Complete and Copy your Fiction Story
Using your editing sheet, complete your story and recopy it.  Make sure you have a title, name and date on your paper.

Class 4 (1/1 and 1/5)
Homework:  Choose a Story and Write a Summary
Read the story you have chosen.  Write a half page or so telling what your story is about.  (Write a summary of the story.)

Class 5 (1/9 and 1/12)
Homework: Character Traits
Think of two character traits that your main character has.  A character trait does not have to be only one word.  For example, in the literary essay we read today, one For each trait, give two reasons from the story why you think this true.  I will email your parents a list of possible character traits!

Class 6 (1/19 and 1/23)
Homework:  Boxes and Bullets Outline
1.  Fill in your boxes and bullets outline the best you can.
2.  Answer the prompt:  What is your favorite food and why?  Write a paragraph.

Class 7 (1/26 and 1/30)
Homework: Work on Essay
1. Work on your essay.  Do paragraph 1 and 2.  (I sent home a sample essay for "The Three Little Pigs" in case they need an example.
2.  Write about an invention that you would create.  Put this under your "prompt writing" tab.

Class 8 (2/2 and 2/6)
Homework: Work on Literary Essay
1.  Work on essays.  Do two more paragraphs. 
2.  Some students have finished their 4 (or 5) paragraph rough draft.  If you have finished, please recopy your essay onto binder paper or type it.  

Class 9 (2/9 and 2/13) 
Homework:  Literary Essays
1.  Complete literary essays and recopy or type them.  
2.  Do some prompt writing.  Choose 1:  What questions would you ask of someone 2000 years from now?  Answer them.  2.  What would do in a day if there were no consequences? 

Class 10 (2/16)
Homework: Literary Essays/Poetry
1.  If you haven't, complete and re-copy your literary essay.
2.  Write two poems.  We discussed the idea of choosing an object or a thing to write a poem about.

Class 11 (2/23)
Homework: Poetry
1.  Write two poems.  One should be about a thing or an object, and the other will be telling a story.
Use line breaks when you pause, and write about subjects that you have strong feelings about.

Class 10 (2/27)
Homework: Poetry
1.  Write two new poems (besides what you may have written in class.)  One will be about an object or a thing, and the other will tell a story.

Story poems are poems that tell a true story about something you did, or something that happened. Use line breaks, which we learned about in class today.  Here, I used a slanted line to show the line breaks so that I can save space.  You will not do that in your poems at home.

For example, this poem is written by Anna about her eating ice cream:   It is summer/I am eating ice cream/I take big bites/But it is still/Melting/it dribbles down/My hand/And I lick it

Here is another, called "A Sleepover": When we sat side by side/Having spaghetti/I wasn't lonely/When we tumbled around/Having a pillow fight/I wasn't lonely/Only 1 inch lonely

Class 11 Monday (3/6) 
Homework: Poetry

Write a poem that uses multiple stanzas, and another that has at least one simile in it.  (uses like or as in it....) An example of a line in a poem that uses simile: "Lily's fish tank sparkles like a lake."  

Teen Homework 

Class  (Assigned 12/1)
Homework:  Work on your Fiction
Write 1 1/2 pages of your story.  Think about how your character will change at the end of the story.

Class (Assigned 12/8)
Homework:  Work on your story
Write another one and a half pages of your story, paying attention to setting.

Class (12/15)
Homework: Complete your Story
At home over the break, type up your whole story and bring it to class next week.  Use your editing checklist to make sure you have everything.  It will approximately 2 or more pages in length.

Class  (1/5)
Homework:  Reflecting on your Story
Read your story.  Write 3/4 of a page telling what your story is about. Next, make a list of some of the main character's traits.  

Class (1/12)
Homework:  Work on Outline for Literary Essay
Finish filling in your outline for your literary essay.

Class (1/19)
Homework:  Work on Essay

Class  (1/26)
Homework: Work on your Essay
Work on your literary essay, using your outline.

Class (2/
Homework:  Complete Essay
Complete your whole essay, but whether you type it all yet is optional.

Homework: Precepts
Finish writing about the March precept that we started in class. Write two paragraphs for the February precept.  

Alternative Homework Assignments:

Homework:  Finish an Ode Poem and Choose a Topic
This week, finish the "Ode" poem you started in class.  Also, choose a topic for your persuasive essay that we'll begin next week.

Homework:  Whole Essay
For homework, please complete your literary essay.  This will be at least one typed page, probably more.

Homework:  Finish an Ode Poem and Choose a Topic
This week, finish the "Ode" poem you started in class.  Also, choose a topic for your persuasive essay that we'll begin next week.

Extra Homework Ideas:

Homework:  Developing an Idea for a Story
This week, create a t-chart for your character with the problem stated at the top.  Bring it to class.

Homework:  Write a Scene, Revealing Your Character
This week, you will write another scene.  You will be writing a scene that brings out a characteristic of your character.  Please see the handout for an example of this.